BMW works hard to ensure that the recycling of vehicles is at the forefront of its mind from the very beginning. From the development and manufacturing through to use and servicing, BMW ensure that they are as environmentally conscious and friendly as they can be. This approach as contributed to BMW being listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability Group Index.

Recycling an End-of-Life Vehicle

When it comes to recycling your vehicle, BMW Group UK wants to ensure that the process is easy for you alongside gaining the most protection for the environment and economic value as it can. The main focus of the recycling process is the recovery of the materials in the vehicle that can be repurposed and put back into the production cycle. All of the processes for vehicles at the end-of-life stage takes place in an authorised treatment facility (ATF).

  1. Controlled return of the vehicle to an ATF

When you return your vehicle to an ATF you will receive a Certificate of Destruction (CoD). It is essential that you gain this certificate as it is required for de-registration and also releases you as the owner from any legal responsibilities. To recycle your BMW through the BMW end of life recycling network please call 0800 542 2002.