Low Cost Age Based Vehicle Servicing.

Low Cost Age Based Vehicle Servicing.

Low cost age based servicing for BMWs 4+ years old.

Vines Group exclusively offers customers with vehicles over 4, 6 or 8 years old an age based discount structure so that as your BMW gets older, the servicing and repairs cost less.

4+ BMW Offer: 10% discount on Parts, labour and oil discount.

6+ BMW Offer: 30% discount on Labour, 20% discount on oil and 10% parts discount.

*This scheme is only available for vehicles over 8 years and cannot be applied to our Value Service Line or with any other offer. Some larger components may not attract the full discount offered, however in these rare instances we will inform you of this. Vines Group holds the right for this offer to be subject to change or withdrawal. Full terms and conditions apply. Not in conjunction with other offers